March 22, 2011 | Posted in:Art

I was walking around Fort Lauderdale beach today location scouting for the “Like Me” Music Video. I went into Beach Place to see if there would be any ideal locations to shoot in there and I see a crowd of people and hear loud techno music so of course I get curious and go check out what’s going on. I see this guy spray painting a canvas and lighting it on fire, putting out the fire and re-spraying it. It was pretty amazing to watch so I stood around even though my parking meter was running and I still needed to swing by 2 other locations! This guy put on an amazing show! The best part was that he would spray all of these colors, and then spray black and blue all over it and cover it up so everyone was wondering what was going on. Then he would take a razor knife and a spackel knife and reveal those colors behind it! The end result was a beautiful painting of the World Trade Center! The artists name is Enrique Morales and you can reach him via email at … Art is life!

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