“Tech Support” – A Short Film by Director Gary Dunkel

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“Tech Support” is a short comedic film about a man who owns a home-based business and is forced to call one of those annoying tech support companies when his computer crashes!

The reason I wrote “Tech Support” was because I think it’s something everyone can relate to! We all at one point in our lives had to call a tech support company when our computer has crashed. We all know that when you call tech support companies a lot of the time it’s in a call center somehow in india where the person has no idea how to fix your computer. Instead they’re just reading troubleshooting tips on a computer screen. Anyone who has ever called a tech support company knows how frustrating it is to wait on hold for ever and than finally get that person who has no idea what they are talking about. This actually happened to me the day I decided to write this film. I had been on hold for about 2o minutes and finally got someone who didn’t know what he was talking about and my computer never got fixed. Basically I took my experience and exaggerated it just a bit to show the humor in it. I truly believe everyone can relate to this film and I hope you enjoy it!



Miami Skyline Time Lapse

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This is my first official time-lapse of the Miami skyline! I was shooting the skyline across the bay by the MacArthur Causeway. This time lapse was created by using 5 second intervals on the Shoot Timer Remote. All together it took 598 photos to complete this time-lapse and almost 2 hours!


Time Lapse Photography & Video

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I have always admired time lapse videos! I think it is one of the coolest effects you can do and I really love watching them. I wanna start doing my own time lapse videos so I looked at random videos on youtube to kinda get an idea of what to do and I came across the video above! That video is incredible. It is very well put together with the editing and music! I plan on doing a lot of my own time lapse videos soon. I’m going to Vegas next month and I will definitely be doing one while I’m there as well as other photos! The way I used to do time lapse videos never looked right. I used to lock down my Panasonic DVX 100B video camera on a tripod, press record and let it run for a while and then take it into Final Cut and speed it up. That way kinda works but it definitely doesn’t work if you’re trying to do a sunrise/sunset or an extended period of time! ¬†With a DSLR it’s so much easier and it actually works! I’ll post up my own time lapse videos when they’re created!


NYC Photography

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I went back home to New York for to visit family, hang out in the city on St. Patty’s Day, and to have a Photography adventure! I was up there for 5 days and I took a total of 600 pictures! I captured some really amazing images! I hit up most of the spots that I wanted to such as Radio City, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building), Top of the Empire State Building, Central Park, Bryant Park, Times Square, Battery Park, Wall Street, World Financial Center, and other random locations! However, there were a few locations I did not make it to on this trip such as Coney Island, Brooklyn, South Street Seaport, and the Statue of Liberty! Those locations will all be photographed next time I go back home. Even though I ended up getting sick on day 2, I didn’t let that stop me! I had no voice, my throat was killing me, and at some points I had a fever but I knew I still had pictures to take! I was determined to photograph as much as I could while I was up there! To view some of these pictures check out the “Photography” section @ http://www.GaryDunkel.com


NYC Photo Adventure!!!

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What better place to go on a photo adventure other than my hometown New York City! I’ll be going up there this week for an amazing photo adventure!!! I’ve gone on some cool photo adventures around South Beach but this one is gonna be like no other! I’ve been really inspired by photographer Peter Lik’s incredible photos of Central Park and the entire NYC Skyline! I plan on spending a full two days taking pictures. I’m gonna hit up Central Park, top of the Rockefeller Center, top of the Empire State Building, Long Island City, Brooklyn, and other places! I really wanna come back with stunning photos of the skyline! I’m really excited to take random pictures all over the city! I also planning on doing some stock footage video shots as well. Of course when I return I will post tons of pictures!!!