“Screenplay” by Syd Field

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Hey guys! Because I am moving to Los Angeles in October, I have been reading as much as I can on Screenwriting. I have learned so much and have applied it to writing “Prefer Not To Say” with Jordan Wapner. I have recently started reading “SCREENPLAY” by Syd Field. This is a really insightful book for any aspiring screenwriter out there. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s amazing how much structure a screenplay really has and this book teaches you exactly how to do it.


Los Angeles October 2013

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I have finally set the goal date to move out west to Los Angeles, CA and that date is October 2013! This should hopefully give me plenty enough time to pay off my debt and save up a ton of money. LA is super expensive and I wanna make sure that I’m 110% prepared. I don’t wanna be another statistic of people who move out to LA to advance their career and run out of money and have to move back to their home state after 6 months. My move to LA is completely career oriented and I need to be ready for whatever happens.

LA is amazing and I absolutely love it out there! Luckily, I have several friends that live out there so I went to go visit this past February which got me super excited and motivated to get things rolling on the move out there! My friends are great tour guides and showed me all of the famous LA spots. It felt amazing being out there in the entertainment capital of the world and I can only imagine how it will feel living there. The best way for me to describe LA is the combination of New York and Miami but with mountains everywhere! I really love living in South Florida but I think it’s my time to make a major change and take my career to the next level. I truly believe that at this point the only way to move up is to move west. Almost any television show or movie you watch was filmed in LA. Dexter and CSI: Miami are obviously both based on Miami but are both filmed in LA, which is a great reason of why I need to be out there.

When I do move out there the big goal is to eventually direct big budget films. However, I know that is going to take time before I get to that level. In the meantime, I am going to do whatever it takes to get on those sets as a Production Assistant and work my way up. Any movie or network television show that I can get on I will. My biggest thing is networking. I network like crazy down here in South Florida. Anytime I meet someone I always work into that first conversation that I’m a Filmmaker and Music Video Director. You really never know who you are going to meet. I have spent the last few years building myself up as a brand “Gary Dunkel – Filmmaker & Music Video Director” and I will continue to do so in LA. The day I arrive in LA I’m going to start networking as much as I can. I want to meet anyone and everyone. I also plan on doing a lot of studying on the art of directing. I really wanna hone my skills in that area and become an amazing director.

I’m incredibly focused on the goal right now and I’m working extremely hard to get there! I believe that as long as you stay focused, motivated, and proactive that there is nothing you can’t achieve. Los Angeles, I will see you in 1 year and 3 months!


[Miami In Motion] Preview

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Here is a sneak preview to a video I have been working on for a long time now! “Miami In Motion” is a video I have been working on that consists of time lapses from all around Miami. I have a few more time lapses to shoot and then I will be editing this video! I’m excited for this project and I can’t wait to release it! Stay tuned!!


Moving to Hollywood!!

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Hollywood, CA is the entertainment capital of the world! It has the biggest market for film, television, and music! It is also home to the worlds largest film studios! This is where I need to move to! Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Miami! All of my friends are down here and we’re all like a huge family, I love the lifestyle down here, I love partying down here, and I love the different cultures and art that miami has to offer. However, I feel like my career is going absolutely nowhere down here! As a filmmaker I don’t get enough work whether it be freelance or working as crew on a set. I’ll do a music video and then nothing else will come along for a few months or a year and then another one will come up. I’m constantly looking on mandy.com and craigslist.com for film jobs and there’s just not enough going on down here. On mandy.com currently there is 2 film jobs in the entire state of Florida and 86 film jobs in the LA area! It’s definitely time for a change! I need to jump start my career and I feel like the only way to do this is to move out to Los Angeles where there are tons of crew positions available all of the time. I know it’s not going to be easy out there either but at least it will be a little more accessible! I’m already kinda planning my move. I decided that I am going to move out there in 1 1/2  – 2 years! That should give me enough time to save up some money and eliminate some bills! I’ve already started looking at apartments online and I’m currently trying to pick which area I wanna live in. So far it’s looking like Van Nuys is a safe bet. Supposedly it’s only about 15mins outside of LA and it’s nearby to all of the major studios! I’m extremely excited for this! I’ve worked so hard over the years and haven’t really gotten too far in my career yet! I truly believe LA is where its at for me and it will definitely do wonders for my career! For the next 2 years I really gotta stop going out as much and save a lot of money! I really need to eliminate and some of my bills because living in LA is not cheap! Although, I did find some decent prices, just not sure what the area they are located in is like! I plan on making a trip out to LA sometime by the end of this year to go neighborhood and apartment hunting! I’m really happy I finally decided to start planning this out because now I have something to work towards! I’m really excited to get my career off of the ground! “Entourage” is about to become my reality in the next few years!