“Screenplay” by Syd Field

February 22, 2013 | Posted in Film | By


Hey guys! Because I am moving to Los Angeles in October, I have been reading as much as I can on Screenwriting. I have learned so much and have applied it to writing “Prefer Not To Say” with Jordan Wapner. I have recently started reading “SCREENPLAY” by Syd Field. This is a really insightful book for any aspiring screenwriter out there. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s amazing how much structure a screenplay really has and this book teaches you exactly how to do it.


Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2011 | Posted in News | By

Does anybody know where 2011 went? It feels like this past year flew by so quickly!! I can proudly say that 2011 was a great year for me. I have worked on more projects in 2011 than any other previous year! In 2011, I edited a commercial that aired on Haitian National Television, I worked on a major Music Video set with Birdman, LiL Wayne, & Nicki Minaj, I Directed a Music Video that might be coming to MTV in 2012, & much more!! Things are picking up slowly but surely! 2012 is going to be a year of hustling, creating, goal-making, and of course success! I’m going to keep doing what I do and pushing harder and harder to make big things happen this coming year!! It’s time for me to get to the next level and that’s my main focus right now!  With that being said, I hope everyone has a Happy New Years!!! Be safe!!


The NEW GaryDunkel.com

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Welcome to the NEW GaryDunkel.com!!! I’m proud to say that I have finally updated my website from the old boring one! I will be updating my blog more frequently with this website and plan on making it a lot more interactive! I will be keeping everyone more up to date with my videos! I hope that you will check out the entire website and enjoy viewing my Video section and my Photography section! If you have any questions or comments there are comment sections on every page of this website where you can leave one. Also, as always you can also contact me directly by visiting the Contact page! Thanks a lot for checking out my website and I hope that you will come back often to see what new projects I’m working on!


Quitting Your Job With A Bang!

October 20, 2011 | Posted in Music, News, YouTube | By


“Joey Quits” is an amazing viral video on youtube! Basically this guy Joey has worked at the Providence Renaissance hotel for 3 1/2 years and they treated him poorly so one day he decides to go out with a bang. He brought an orchestra band into the employee area of the hotel and told his boss he quit as the band plays their music behind him! You gotta check it out, it’s hilarious and probably something a lot of us wish we could do!


The Hangover: Part II Official Trailer

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This is the official trailer for The Hangover Part II. It looks really funny. It’s almost identical to the original hangover except this time they go to Thailand for Stu’s wedding and of course it’s a hell of an adventure! The Hangover Part II will be released in theaters on May 26, 2011.